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True Temper® Launches the Mulch Right™ to Meet All Mulching Needs

November 18, 2011

CAMP HILL, Penn. (October 2011) – True Temper, an Ames True Temper® brand, and a leading manufacturer of non-powered lawn and garden products, today announces the launch of the True Temper® Mulch Right™, a three-in-one tool that simplifies the mulching process, making it quick and easy. With a simple three-step process – lift, spread and level – homeowners can use the Mulch Right tool to lay mulch and improve curb appeal.

“At Ames True Temper we’re constantly researching ways to make lawn and garden tasks easier and quicker for homeowners,” said Jeff Koenig, senior marketing manager, Ames True Temper. “Many consumers dread the process of mulching their property, whether it’s due the mess it can create, the heavy lifting or the challenge of creating an even and clean look around the garden. With the new Mulch Right, we are able to alleviate many user frustrations when it comes to mulching.”

The Mulch Right is the one tool that meets the performance needs of all the different phases of mulching. The innovative design combines the benefits of a scoop, fork and rake, allowing for an easy and controlled mulching experience.

The three-in-one tool translates to a simple three-step mulching process. For lifting and distributing, much like a traditional scoop the Mulch Right’s blade allows users to transfer large quantities of mulch at one time. The blade measures 9.75 inches wide and 13.5 inches tall, leaving ample room for reduced material spillage.

For ease of use when spreading, users benefit from the traditional five-tine fork design, which allows for improved control over mulch distribution. This alleviates issues around the difficulties with neatly spreading mulch around plants and beds with complex shapes and designs.

The essential and final step to any mulching job is making sure the material is level across the terrain. Ames True Temper engineered each of the fork tines to allow for an easy push and pull motion, much like a traditional garden rake. This push pull motion allows for even distribution.

The True Temper Mulch Right, which features a five-year warranty, will be available in independent hardware stores and garden centers starting January, 2012, for $34.99 to $39.99. For more information on the Mulch Right and other True Temper tools, please visit

About Ames True Temper®
Ames True Temper is the leading, as well as the oldest, manufacturer of non-powered lawn and garden tools in the U.S. Headquartered in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania (near Harrisburg), the company manufactures and markets a wide variety of long-handled tools, wheelbarrows, cutting tools, garden hoses and hose accessories, striking tools, snow tools, decorative garden accessories and planters. Ames True Temper brands are among the most recognized across their primary product categories. Its brand portfolio includes True Temper®, Ames®, UnionTools®, Garant®, Hound Dog®, Dynamic Design®, as well as the commercial offerings under the Jackson® and Razor-Back® Professional Tool brands.

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