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Vegetable Gardening: Eat locally

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1. Prepare a plot of flat ground that gets full sun nearly all day by using a floral level rake to remove rocks, debris, and anything that might interfere with the growing process. Then use a floral cultivator to break up and turn the soil while adding fertilizer, compost, or other organic material.

2. After planning out the vegetable locations, dig ‘V’-shaped furrows using a warren hoe or the edge of a garden hoe. Leave enough room to walk through the rows without having to step on any plants.

3. Carefully distribute the seeds in the furrows evenly and in accordance with the instructions on the seed packet. Use a floral shovel to cover the seeds with fine soil (ensuring good moisture contact), patting the soil down gently.

4. Water the row of freshly planted seeds with a watering can in a way that lets the dirt settle into itself, not wash away. As the garden matures, consider using soaker hoses for watering.

Insider Tip: Studies have found that, on average, soaker hoses utilize less water, reduce weed growth, and improve vegetable garden yields.

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