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Healthy soil is essential for growing vibrant flowers and hearty vegetable gardens. Below are five easy steps for prepping your soil.

1. Begin by removing any grass or weeds in the bedding area with a shovel or hoe. If the soil easily clumps or is too wet, you should wait for dryer soil; it should crumble when balled.

2. Next, use a cultivator or tiller to plow or till the area.

3. Using a shovel, remove rocks and break down any large clumps of dirt that may have formed. You may need a wheelbarrow containing additional topsoil to mix with the current soil to provide more material to the bedding.

4. After cultivating the bed, mix in manure or compost and soil additives in the first few inches of soil using a cultivator or bow rake. This will provide rich nutrients to the topsoil for vibrant plants.

5. Finally, use a bow rake to create a smooth finish to the bedding area. The bow rake will remove any large debris or stones, and create a level working area for planting.

Insider Tip: The oversized Drive Step shovel allows for more stability and power when digging

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