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Creating a Garden Bed

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1. The first step to creating your garden sanctuary is picking the right spot. Consider how much sunshine the location gets, how well it drains and that these match up to the needs of what you’re going to plant.

2. Use your garden hose to mark the area for your garden and then remove the sod using a sod lifter or a garden spade. Do your best to keep the bed level and to remove as little top soil as possible as you cut away the sod.

3. Once the sod has been removed, use a round point shovel to dig into the soil about 12 inches, pull it up, turn it over and break up the clumps. Now’s the time to mix in any fertilizer, compost or other soil amendments.

4. Plant your wildflower seeds, following the seed manufacturer’s instructions and water liberally.

5. Dress up and personalize your garden sanctuary with a bird bath, bird feeder and maybe even a decorative border or edging.

Insider Tip: A bow rake can really help break up and level out the soil prior to planting.

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