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Garden hoes are a staple tool for weeding, tilling, planting and landscaping. If you have been shopping for a hoe, you’ll find a wide array of choices for every need. If you are confused about which hoe to select for the task at hand, here are descriptions of how several popular hoes are used to guide your selection.

The True Temper® Action Hoe is growing in popularity. This hoe with a rotating head is operated with a push-pull action and allows you to get under the dirt and slice roots below the surface. This sharp double-edged cultivator is a versatile weeding and edging tools that cuts roots deeper than other types of hoes.

Another popular hoe is the “Warren” hoe, easily recognized by its triangular shaped head. It can be used for traditional weeding or turned on its edge to make rows. You’ll find most “Warren” hoes with an approximately 4-inch x 7-inch head and 54 inch handle.

A choice suitable for multiple garden tasks is the hoe-cultivator, which gives you a multipurpose weeding and cultivation tool. On one side, you will find either a two-pronged or three-pronged hoe, and on the other, a cultivator head with overall head size ranging from 5 inches by 7 inches to 4 inches by 10 inches. Tool selection depends on comfort in handling. See all our True Temper® hoe offerings here.

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