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Proper Snow Shoveling Techniques

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Newly fallen snow may look beautiful, but it can sure be dreaded by anyone who has to tackle the job of shoveling. Selecting the right tools and using the correct techniques can go a long way to taking the pain out of snow and ice removal.
Rather than avoiding the shoveling job, begin while the snow is still falling and repeat as additional snow accumulates. You may have to shovel multiple times, but it is a lot easier to shovel a few inches at a time, rather than shoveling the total accumulation all at once. This approach is especially useful when a large amount of snow is predicted.

Snow shovels come in a variety of sizes and materials. Look for a lightweight, sturdy shovel that is comfortable for your grip. Look for a handle that is ergonomically designed to help reduce the strain on your back.

For big jobs such as driveways, the new True Temper SnoBoss® is the most versatile snow removal tool on the market. The tool has an ergonomic design and unique features that make it ideal for not only shoveling, but also pushing, scraping and cleaning snow and ice. The multi-handle grip on the SnoBoss® allows users to comfortably position their hands as they work to remove snow. Two mid-grips and an end-grip for optimal hand placement and back posture, whether lifting, pushing or throwing, and an added footstep provide necessary leverage for heavier loads.
As you shovel, work toward the areas where you are depositing the snow so that you have less distance to toss it when you start to tire.

Chip away any ice that you find under the snow using the True American® heavy duty ice scraper and remove the chunks with the shovel. Spread rock salt over the cleared area to avoid re-icing. Last but not least, sand any areas that remain slippery.

Most communities require that you keep your sidewalks clear and accessible for safety. So the first area to shovel should be sidewalks needed for mail delivery and emergency access.

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