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From time to time, we receive feedback about how great our tools and our service are.  It is our pleasure to share those with you...

 “I will gladly recommend your products” – M.T. (replacement manure fork)

“We won the Snowstorm prize Pack from the Money Pit Show. Your tools are so well made and easier on the back.” – P.L.

“Consider me a satisfied customer who will recommend your products.” – E.H. (replacement shovel D/C #14 scoop)

“It is the kind of customer service that will direct me to other sales for True Temper products. Keep up the good work.” – J.M. (replacement warren hoe)

“Please know I have used, worn-out, replaced and discarded during my life-time, rakes of number. Never have I ever owned nor used a finer rake. This landscape rake is exceptionally well designed and fabricated enabling me to achieve my desired grade together with a tamper and feather-edge into existing terrain. Needless to say, I am most impressed with my new tool acquisition and felt compelled to share with you my feeling of total satisfaction.” – R.I.

“At long last a rake that really rakes. Let me tell you in my more than half a century of caring for my own property, well this rake is amazing – it’s everything you claim and of course I know the True Temper name very well. Give the “inventor” a bonus or medal – I’m going to buy another just as soon as I am out and about again – next week I am sure. P.S. and it’s well balanced” – E.K (Clog-free rake)

“Last spring we purchased one of your NEW CLOG FREE No Clog Leaf Rakes. Little did we know it would work. Not only is this beauty clog free but it does so much more. We live in a woods so fall is usually a nightmare getting the leaves off the lawn. We use a blower(gas), Blowers (electric), 2 of your extra wide rakes but roll them all together and they can’t hold a candle to my Clog Free beauty. I’m not kidding you – this rake makes my work so much easier. My husband said to tell you how GREAT the rake works when he has to scoop the leaves off all the evergreens. The angle is perfect for that job also. We just wanted you to know that this wonderful rake is much more than a common rake – it dances!!!!!! Thanks again. So nice to find a new product that does what it says it will… and much more.” – B.N.

“I wanted to take a moment to write about the above referenced rake (Rake Leaf ply 26inch collectors series). They are terrific! As a gardener and property owner of approximately five (5) acres, I really value a good, reliable rake… We bought two (2) Rakes approx. three months ago (from Lowe’s) and they have really made back-breaking chores a pleasure… It’s great to finally be happy with a product that does what it says: Raking just got easier!!!” – J.H.

“In this era of all but non-existent customer service it was a real pleasure to find a company that operates with integrity and honesty. I shall pass the word about True Temper and look forward to purchasing your products in the future.” – G.B.

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